Underfloor Heating in Garforth and the Surrounding Areas | Installation and Maintenance

If you are looking for a modern, energy-efficient way to heat your home, an underfloor system is the ideal solution. This type of heating provides an even, comfortable heat throughout the room, or rooms, in which it is installed. There is also no need for radiators, freeing up space. Wallis Plumbing installs quality underfloor heating systems for customers in Garforth and the surrounding areas, ensuring you get the right system for your needs.

In addition, we also provide ongoing servicing and repairs to help maintain underfloor systems. We regularly install and repair below-floor heating inside homes but also offer commercial services. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and much more, you can expect long-lasting quality with Wallis Plumbing.

Wet and Dry Systems

Our team works with both wet and dry heating systems to deliver the best solution for each project. We advise on the right option for your application, supply all components and provide a complete installation service.

Wet Systems

Also called water systems, this type of underfloor heating involves pumping hot water through pipes underneath the floor. These pipes are connected to the boiler or other heat source, such as a solar water-heating system or heat pump.

Wet systems are more complicated to install, and up-front costs can be higher, but they are generally cheaper to run which results in lower long-term costs. We recommend wet systems for new build projects and larger spaces.

Dry Systems

These electric systems use electric heating wires or mats which are connected to the mains electricity supply. They offer fast installation times and cheaper installation costs. However, electric heating can be more expensive to run.

Dry systems are perfect for renovation projects and for use in a single room.

Full Installation

When it comes to underfloor heating, Wallis Plumbing takes care of everything. Whether you want to include a luxurious, warm floor in a new bathroom or kitchen, or add modern heating to a living room, bedroom or commercial space, we provide a comprehensive installation package.

This includes:

  • Supply of heating systems

  • Uplifting of floors

  • Preparation

  • Insulation

  • Addition of manifold and fixings

  • Pipework layouts

  • Connection to mains electricity or gas supply

  • Flushing, filling and pressurising

  • Screeding to repair floor

  • Replacement/Reinstatement of flooring

Servicing and Repairs

Underfloor heating is maintenance-free, but we strongly recommend regular servicing to ensure your system continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Our teams in Garforth and the surrounding areas can spot any potential issues and resolve them before they become serious, preventing faults and loss of heating.

If you have noticed a problem with your wet or dry heating system, Wallis Plumbing can provide quick identification and repair to have your system running properly in no time.

Some issues which can occur with underfloor systems include trapped air, blockages, wiring issues, zones not heating properly and pump failure. Our team can fix all these concerns and more, ensuring consistent, even heat output and maximum energy efficiency.

For underfloor heating in Garforth and the surrounding areas, please call 0113 286 0188 or 07816 866398.